Broadhurst Clarkson and Fuller Ltd 5

The Early 2000’s saw the company separate its retail business with the importing business. Meade wanted to see their instruments on every high street and BCF had n choice but to see it done. BC&F became the ‘trade’ half of the business supplying the Meade dealers throughout the UK, and taking care of all servicing and repair work. Telescope house was the retail arm, dealing with selling direct to the public through the showroom at No.63 Farringdon Road and its new warehouse and showroom in Longfield Road Tunbridge Wells. It’s here where things split – Telescope House is outside the BCF sphere. BC&F made the decision to no longer import Meade instruments in 2013. Meade had been in financial difficulties for some time, and were in the process of being sold to Ningbo Sunny in China. Years of poor management at Meade, poor quality control and models rushed out to market took its toll and BC&F could no longer stand by and take the financial risk of buying large stock quantities – paying upfront and not being certain of exactly what would arrive (or when). It’s worth noting, that BCF were the largest Meade distributor outside the US for many years. The decision to hand it over was a huge step. The Revelation brand was doing well but not big enough to support a machine the size of BC&F.

On July 24th 2014 BC&F closed its doors. Telescope House had been purchased by Bresser GmbH in Germany and still operates as part of Bresser UK.